With over a decade of experience speaking at large and small churches, retreats, and conferences, Melissa brings passion, professionalism, and a down-to-earth heart for her audience. She delights in creating an atmosphere that welcomes authenticity, relationships, and deep connection with God.

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   Overflowing GRACE

1-4 Sessions


So often, we can struggle with feeling like we are "Too Much" or "Not Enough". Yet, Jesus says "My grace is sufficient". How do we come to understand our own "enoughness" in Christ? Melissa takes us on a  journey of discovering who we are, letting go of who we are not, and embracing the enough of God's overflowing GRACE. In the end, we will see that enough really is ENOUGH!

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 9:8 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available

Presentation Topics

   The Messy, Magnificent Life

1-4 Sessions


We are called to live as God's chosen people -- but sometimes it's hard to imagine how to do that when our kitchen counters are sticky, there are loads of laundry to be done, and the car has a dent in the fender! Melissa believes that an authentic life in Christ can be messy and magnificent at the exact same time - and that we can live a bold, beautiful life of vulnerability and victory because we are known, accepted, and deeply loved by God. Women leave their time with Melissa equipped with biblical, realistic, and transferable tools to live a life of JOY, no matter what they face in life.

Key Verse: Ephesians 3:19 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available

   Radiant HOPE

1-4 Sessions

Our lives offer happiness and pain, celebration and sorrow, bright days and dark nights. With so many changes, how do we develop an unwavering, steadfast hope? Melissa shares the powerful lessons learned from her struggle with depression--- and how the light of Jesus Christ offers each one of us a life-changing, irrepressible, radiant HOPE. 

Key Verse: Psalm 139:12 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available

   Invitation to Renewal

1-4 Sessions


Busy, busy, busy! We are pulled in so many directions each day that it's easy to believe rest is only for those who have crossed off everything on their to-do list. Melissa teaches that God's Word shows us a better way to live; because silence isn't just for sleep and slowing down isn't only for vacations. A restful, renewed life is possible - even with a packed schedule. Melissa offers a refreshing look at the rest and renewal we are invited into when we place our trust in Jesus Christ. 

Key Verse: Psalm 139:12 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available

   Daughters of the King

1-4 Sessions


We are made for royal living, but our world isn't exactly castles, carriages, and crowns, is it? So, what does it mean to be a daughter of the king? What can we believe about our deepest identity? This is an exploration of who we are in Christ, and whom God calls us to be. Using examples of various women from Scripture, Melissa will help you discover your heritage as a daughter of the King!

Key Verse: 1 Peter 2:9 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available


2-4 Sessions


Life is filled with all kinds of adventures. Rough waters, glassy seas, dark skies and dazzling sunrises. But even in the darkest moments-- when it feels like we are drowning and might not survive--we can still find the HOPE that is an anchor for our souls. This is a hope that goes beyond circumstance, feeling, behavior, or strength; and one that carries us through any storm-- making us truly unsinkable.

Key Verse: Hebrews 6:19 | Optional Group Craft/Activity Available

Christmas Events

Christmas messages that will inspire, uplift, and invite audiences to experience the true meaning of Christmas!

30-45 minutes each. Great for outreach events.

Unexpected Wonder

Who ever said the wonder of Christmas is just for children?

Do you need to believe in flying reindeer and talking snowmen for Christmas to be magical?

Or is wonder for grown-ups too?


In this engaging and whimsical Christmas message, Melissa will take your audience on a journey to discover the breathtaking wonder surrounding them in every day, ordinary circumstances. Your guests will learn that the wonder of Christmas isn’t found in the imagination, but in real places like Bethlehem, with real people like a man named Joseph and a woman named Mary.

With down-to-earth storytelling, humor, and wisdom, Melissa will show that wonder, like Jesus Himself, is for everyone! 

My Cup Overflows...with Tinsel?!


Christmas is a fantastic time to gather friends, decorate our homes, bake, wrap...and generally get overwhelmed by all there is to do. It sounds great to think through ways to "simplify" or "enjoy" or remember the "reason for the season", but there are still presents to wrap, parties to attend, and family to visit. How do we experience the abundance of God in the abundance of errands? With humor and realistic wisdom, Melissa invites women to find "peace on earth" right in the middle of shopping at the mall.

A Note from Melissa...

As your event speaker, my goal is to serve you, your audience, and your event.  It's not about me.

I realize you have a lot to consider and I take that seriously. I've planned hundreds of events

and I know what it is like to go through the process of looking for the right speaker.

No matter how informative a website is, let's face it, we don't really know how it will all

come together until the speaker shows up and starts speaking!


Here are a few things you can count on when I am your speaker:


  • A true desire to serve you. I will answer your calls and e-mails promptly and make

       myself available to you as needed. I will accommodate special requests to the best

       of my ability and can tailor my message to suit the needs of your individual group.


  • A commitment to bring my best. I will work diligently, pray regularly, and communicate

       consistently to prepare to speak at your event.


  • A listing on my website and various   Facebook postings announcing your event.


  • Availability to your attendees to talk, pray, and stay otherwise engaged. I have no desire to run off to a "green room" and request peeled M&M's between my talks.  We are all in this together and I love spending time with those whom I am speaking to and with. 


  • My support of you, the leader. In my experience as an event planner, I often felt a bit isolated. It is my privilege and passion to pray with, encourage, and partner with you however you need it.

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