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The Radiant Midnight: Depression, Grace, and the Gifts of a Dark Place is an antidote to the shame Christians experience when they struggle with depression, sadness, or they just can't seem to “get it together.” It is an invitation to view your deepest pain in a hopeful new light. Through candid stories, biblical truths, honest laments, and unexpected humor, it is a bold refusal to simplify the complex experience of depression and suffering by moving too quickly toward relieving it. This book is fueled by the passionate belief that not only will God lead you out of darkness, but that He is fully and beautifully present within it.


The Radiant Midnight: Depression, Grace, and the Gifts of a Dark Place will guide, encourage, and comfort you in the struggle of depression, grief, and difficulty. It offers a way to find deep contentment in painful circumstances and leads you to discover a profound intimacy with a compassionate, tender God who is with you in every moment.


"So many books offer to help a person get out of the darkness. I am passionate about helping women to live well while they are in it. I believe that our darkest seasons require great care, deep faith, and a healthy sense of humor. Midnight offers us gifts and graces we cannot see in the lighter periods of life. To discover those gifts, sometimes we just need someone who has been there too." - Melissa Maimone, author

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  • Radiant Hope

"Even the darkness will not be dark to you. The night will shine like day, for darkness is as light to you."

-Psalm 139:12

Sometimes we can imagine that hope is only for the future; for when things are better, clearer, or more optimistic. How do we find hope right in the middle of the messiness of life? How do we live in both the expectation of good things to come and in the contentment of the present? Melissa offers practical observations from Scripture and her own story that will help audiences discover a transcendent, radiant hope that shines in both the darkness and the light.

  • God's Graces in Dark Places

When hard circumstances appear in life, it's tempting to believe that the main purpose for their existence is to overcome them. But Melissa Maimone believes there is much more to the painful aspects of life than just pain. Through Scripture, storytelling, and her own experience with depression, Melissa will reveal some of the beautiful, hard, radiant gifts of grace she's discovered in the dark places of the faith journey. This is a hopeful, insightful message of transparency and joy for anyone who has gone through their own "dark night of the soul".

  • What Depression Has Taught Me

Powerful lessons are learned in the darkness. They are hard won and require time in the hard places of the faith journey. They also require a perspective of faith, wisdom, and humor. While depression has been an ongoing aspect of Melissa's life, she's found a way to live a passionate, transparent, and joyous life. In this presentation, Melissa shares with hope and humor why she's grateful for the "gift" of depression.

  • Poking Holes in the Darkness

How can the Christian community offer practical, kind support to those who are struggling with depression and anxiety? How can the church respond to the shame and isolation that mental health issues bring about? The Church has the potential to give life-giving compassion and understanding to those who need it most. In this presentation, Melissa will explore the heartache and blessings that come with being part of the "community of the brokenhearted", and offer thoughtful observations about how the church might best come alongside those in pain. 

Praise for The Radiant Midnight:

“There is that wisdom tradition that runs through our greatest stories that goes something like this: The thing you need the most can be found in the place you least want to look. The knights of the round table begin their quest for the holy grail by stepping into the part of the forest that looks darkest to them. The hero descends into the underworld to find the treasure guarded by the dragon. Luke Skywalker confronts his shadow self in a dark cave in Dagobah. The dark places hold the treasures of truth and wisdom that will lead us where we need to go.

“But it’s scary to go it alone and without a compass. So Melissa offers herself as a fearless tour guide into the unknown and gives us this compassionate book about her own journey into the dark to serve as handrails for those of us who find ourselves, willingly or not, descending into the underworlds of depression, pain, anxiety, and beyond to find the riches they hide.

“Henri Nouwen has said that a spiritual leader is one who walks into the darkness first in order to lead others through it. In this book, Melissa has demonstrated strong, loving, and trustworthy leadership.”

—Jason Gray, singer and songwriter


“Melissa’s voice and story are precious gifts to the church because they bear witness to the reality that the Christian narrative doesn’t always follow the path of celebration and triumph. For those of us whose lives are more a testament to darkness, suffering and survival, we too need to be reminded that our stories also belong to those of the family of God. The Radiant Midnight does this beautifully and honestly, offering compassionate and challenging insights along the way.”

—David C. Wang, ThM, PhD, associate professor of psychology, Biola University; pastor of spiritual formation, One Life City Church


“As a woman who has experienced a good bit of her life in the midnight hours, I’m grateful for another voice that tenderly and candidly calls attention to a subject many Christians have ignored. Melissa doesn’t just set the subject in front of you, but she digs deep and encourages you to push harder against the darkness than you may have ever dared to do. She combines Scripture, research, and her personal struggles in a way that will leave you with a new understanding of the heart of God for his children. Many of us (including myself) have felt unqualified for ministry because of our struggles with this invisible ache, and The Radiant Midnight reminds us of the glorious light that’s worth fighting for.”

—Angie Smith, bestselling author of Seamless, Chasing God, and What Women Fear


“I so appreciate Melissa Maimone’s honesty and unique perspective on battling depression and anxiety. She skillfully weaves King David’s life and words with her own, giving the reader space to battle fear, worry, and heavy sadness—yet with hope. If you’re facing your own midnight, find solace and light in these hard-won words.”

—Mary DeMuth, author of Healing Every Day


“Radiant Midnight is an oxymoron—a combination of two contradictory terms that invite a curious mind to explore the wisdom that might hold them together. In this way, ‘radiant midnight’ now establishes its place in a lexicon that has illuminated other impossible truths like ‘sweet sorrow,’ ‘wounded healer,’ or ‘terrible goodness.’ Through her achingly personal journey, Melissa sets the night on fire with the radiance of unrelenting love, revealing what we can never see or feel when we are in the dark—God is already there.”

—Nicole Johnson, author of Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy and Fresh Brewed Life; founder of Seasons Weekends


“Melissa’s vulnerability, humor, and depth make her one of our favorite voices to hear on some of life’s harder topics. Her story and wisdom have helped illuminate the treasure to be found in our own dark places.”

—Katherine and Jay Wolf, coauthors and cofounders of Hope Heals


“Melissa entered my world during a period of intense suffering and I cannot believe it was by chance. I struggled to find comfort, meaning, and hope amidst the darkness—and Melissa’s words offered just that. Mercifully, she doesn’t hand out Band-Aids or tidy answers. Rather, she invites us to listen for the story of redemption that God is writing for each of us, even as we wait for the light.”

—Jen Wise, author of The Bright Life


“Melissa spoke to my soul! Like a good therapist, she sits with you in your pain and teaches you how to sit with your own darkness. Melissa’s book speaks to anyone who struggles with any type of darkness in their life—and that would be all of us! She so accurately and vulnerably portrays the shame of the shadow that most of us feel but can never put into words. But instead of condemnation, Melissa gives a wonderful combination of humor, heart, and hope in your darkest of times.”

—Dr. Zoe Shaw, host of The Dr. Zoe Show podcast

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