Booking Melissa:

To bring Melissa to your event, it starts with a casual conversation. She speaks at a wide range of venues

and considers each invitation individually. Because clients are as unique as the personalized attention Melissa offers; she doesn’t have a “standard fee”. When setting a budget, Melissa prefers to first talk with you so she can hear your vision. This allows for thoughtful consideration of details such as style of event, session count, budget, travel needs, and more. A conversation with Melissa doesn’t obligate you to booking her and allows you to ask as many questions as you’d like while getting to know her in the process. She’s always up for good chat!


Generally, her speaking invitations fall into one of three categories:


  • Keynote (1 talk 60 minutes or less)

  • One Day Event (2-3 Sessions of 30-45 minutes each)

  • Weekend Event (3-4 Sessions of 30-45 minutes each)


Once you’ve talked, Melissa can give you a more formal budget to consider. Upon mutual consent, you’ll receive a professional speaking agreement. A signed agreement and deposit secures your place on Melissa’s calendar. From there, you have direct access to her throughout your planning.


Teaching women is Melissa’s joy and calling. She’s skilled, qualified, and passionate. Booking Melissa means you’ll receive personalized attention from a veteran speaker offering intentionality and professionalism throughout your experience.


To chat with Melissa, 

e-mail her at

A few kind words...

"Melissa knows God intimately and shares His truth in a vulnerable, god-centered way. She leads women to respond courageously as she models the life of a true disciple in her messages. She is an authentic, dependent, and disciplined disciple. Plainly, I trust her to bring the Word to the ladies I lead."

-Megan Marshman,

Director of Women's Ministries,

Hume Lake Christian Camps

"I've known Melissa Maimone for over a decade now and I feel privileged at any opportunity to hear her speak or teach. Melissa is delightfully funny, winsome, and a biblically sound communicator. She is a rare speaker who can educate while entertaining. Melissa has allowed her struggles to plow the terrain of her own heart, making it soft enough to bring comfort to the hearts of those fortunate enough to hear her. She unites women with laughter, shares the right amount of herself and hangs around long enough to help wipe away the tears. She's the real deal."

Nicole Johnson

Author, Speaker

Women of Faith Dramatist

"Melissa is everything a communicator should be--approachable, winsome, authentic, and insightful. Seriously, every time we hear her speak, we laugh out loud, hold back tears, and write until our hands hurt! She embodies the reality that we are enough because He is. What a gift to call Melissa teacher and friend."

Jay and Katherine Wolf

authors, Hope Heals

Hope Heals Ministries

I knew after one time hearing Melissa Maimone speak at a conference, that she would be just the right fit for a Retreat Speaker for We Are Brave Together, a nonprofit that supports mothers caring for children, any age, with any disabilities, diagnoses, or challenges.  She brings wisdom, humor and transparency again and again.  She has a way to immediately embrace a room full of women and have them embrace her right back.  The evaluations  and feedback we received from our retreat attendees about Melissa was fantastic!  She was so well received and appreciated for her guidance, depth, and vulnerable storytelling.

We will definitely invite her back!


Jessica Patay, Founder/President

We Are Brave Together

Melissa spoke at our Ladies Tea and gave a heart-felt, authentic message about living in God's abundance. She used humor to connect us to her relatable testimony and message. God has definitely given her a gift to speak into the lives of women in a very compassionate and raw way. She is Biblically based and used scripture well. I especially loved that she "hung out" with us and wanted to connect to our community. Melissa is super easy to work with and very responsive with communication.

Adrienne Kegel

Agoura Hills Bible Fellowship

Agoura Hills, CA

“Authentic, passionate and full of joy! These words describe Melissa and the way that she communicates her deep love for Jesus and for people. Melissa is versatile in her presentations; having shared at our weekend retreat, coffees and large Christmas outreach. She brings truth from God’s Word in a deep and applicable way. Melissa will make you laugh, cry and know that you are loved beyond measure by your Creator. I am grateful to call Melissa my mentor and friend.”

Lynette Fuson

Director of Women’s Ministries

Emmanuel Faith Community Church

Escondido, CA

"I loved how Melissa was talking with us. She made us feel like we knew her already."

Shirley Mendenhall

Yorba Linda

"Melissa is sound in her doctrine and transparent in her presentations. Our ladies were touched deeply and encouraged greatly by her sharing. Many shared that she pinpointed exactly what they were feeling and she encouraged them to keep on in their relationship with the Lord. "

Barb Barr

Director of Women's Ministries

Green Hills Baptist Church

La Habra, CA

"Melissa's openness and depth were remarkable and had a marked impact on the students. The challenges she has faced and her description of her Savior that met her in her pain gave hope to the ladies, who while relatively young had experienced deep hurts and struggles. Melissa is sincere, deep, fun, and engaging. I will have her back next year to share again with my students."

Amelia Rietzel

Adjunct Professor

The Master's University

"Melissa is a real, raw, and refreshingly honest speaker that shares God's truth in a unique and engaging way. She is a brilliant asset to any conference or retreat."

Suzann McCann

The Ascent Church

Colorado Springs, CO

"Melissa was an awesome speaker at our event. She is relevant, engaging, and highly personable. I highly recommend her!"

Andrea Petche

Penasquitos Christian Church

"I am pleased and especially happy to recommend Melissa Maimone as a Christian women's speaker. Our women's ministry has invited her to speak several times and each time she was very inviting, energetic and spoke from her heart touching everyone who came to hear her. Our evaluations which we ask our ladies to complete after each event gave her 10 and 10+ the highest positive mark for her program talk. She is easy to work with and goes with the flow. She was particularly helpful in even going above and beyond by assisting us in providing our hostess gift as well for our women's tea events. Melissa is truly a blessing and biblically speaks truth and love every time she speaks. She has lots of various topics that you can choose from and as an added bonus of being wonderfully talented artist and writer. Promise you will not be disappointed but definitely blessed by having Melissa Maimone as your next Christian Woman Speaker."

Terry Wyckoff

First Presbyterian Church

Bakersfield, CA

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