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Melissa Maimone Christian Speaker

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Melissa Maimone Christian Speaker and Author

With over 20 years of experience speaking to women at churches, retreats, and conferences, Melissa Maimone creates an atmosphere that welcomes authenticity, relationships, and deep connection with God. 

Christian women are less connected to church than ever before.  And yet, connection to a spiritual community is what they crave.* When Melissa speaks at your event, women will connect

with one another and the Lord by solid Bible teaching,

powerful story-telling, humor, and authenticity.

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Value Authenticity

with messages that are honest, humorous, and engaging

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Think Biblically

with illustrative, thought-provoking truths from Scripture

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Enjoy Creativity

with optional group activities

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Create Community

with discussion questions that lead to honest sharing

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Embrace Imperfection

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Trust God Boldly

by hearing the truth about God's grace for each one of us

with practical applications for real life

A note from Melissa...

Melissa Maimone Christian Speaker and Author

As your event speaker, my goal is to serve you, your audience,

and your event.  It's not about me. I realize you have a lot to consider 

and I take that seriously. I've planned hundreds of events and I know what

it is like to go through the process of looking for the right speaker.

No matter how informative a website is, let's face it, we don't really know

how it will all come together until the speaker shows up and starts speaking!


Here are a few things you can count on when I am your speaker:


  • A true desire to serve you. I will answer your calls and e-mails promptly and make myself available to you as needed. I will accommodate special requests to the best of my ability and can tailor my message to suit the needs of your individual group.


  • A commitment to bring my best. I will work diligently, pray regularly, and communicate consistently to prepare to speak at your event.


  • A listing on my website and various social media announcing your event.


  • Availability to your attendees to talk, pray, and stay otherwise engaged. I have no desire to run off to a "green room" and request peeled M&M's between my talks.  We are all in this together and I love spending time with those whom I am speaking to and with. 


  • My support of you, the leader. In my experience as an event planner, I often felt a bit isolated. It is my privilege and passion to pray with, encourage, and partner with you however you need it.

Plan your best event yet!

With over a decade in full-time church ministry, Melissa has planned hundreds of events. Her "Event Strategies That Work" speaks to leaders in the event planning stages - touching on topics such as volunteers, budget, and "the problem person" attending your event.

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