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Melissa Maimone Christian Speaker and Author

Melissa Maimone is a mentor to women in various roles of church leadership. Whether paid or a volunteer, part-time or 40+ hours a week, women in leadership need the comraderie and partnership of someone who has been there.


Melissa served in many roles at a large church in Santa Clarita, California for 15 years. She counts it as one of the most rewarding, hard, beautiful times in her life and desires to share her hard-won lessons with other women in leadership. 

Her desire is to listen, support, encourage, and inspire leaders to work more faithfully, effectively, and freely. Mentoring sessions often include brainstorming, strategizing, and most importantly, prayer. 

Meetings take place over the phone or via Skype (or in person if you live in the North Carolina area!) and are typically scheduled for every other week or once a month. 

Feel free to reach out to Melissa to talk further!

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