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8. Sparrow Sisters Necklace

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The Sparrow Sisters Motto:
"She's the friend who sees the extraordinary in you.
She's the one who encourages your strength,
understands your weakness, and gives you wings to fly.
She's your Sparrow Sister.
When others overlook or dismiss you, she's the one
who reminds you that,
as the song goes, "His Eye is on the Sparrow."
And when she is feeling down, you remind her of that right back."*
These handmade necklaces are sold individually, but are best when purchased in pairs--one for you, and one for your Sparrow Sister.
Your 1.25" pendant is available in copper and antique bronze and hung on a delicate 34" matching chain.

This necklace comes with a 2x3 card printed with the Sparrow Sisters Motto in beautiful script and packaged in a delicate muslin "sparrow" bag.

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