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The Radiant Midnight

Depression, Grace, and the Gifts of a Dark Place

When you read The Radiant Midnight, you will discover:


  • Affirmation that you are not alone in your experience of depression, anxiety, grief, or suffering.


  • Acceptance of your struggles that will lead to a fresh perspective on faith, pain, and shame.


  • Hope that is enduring and unchanging in the midst of dark places.


  • Meaning as one who is beloved by God.


  • Inspiration drawn from the life and psalms of King David.


  • Practices that are comforting, practical, and draw you closer to God.


  • Camaraderie with the author - a woman who loves Jesus, has a good life, and yet still struggles with depression.


  • Contentment in your circumstances, even when they remain difficult.

"So many books

offer to help a person get out

of the darkness. I am passionate about helping people to live well while they are in it.  Midnight offers us gifts and graces we cannot see in the lighter periods of life. To discover those gifts, sometimes we just need someone

who has been there too."  

- Melissa Maimone, author

Melissa Maimone Christian Speaker and Author

Learn more about Melissa Maimone

author of The Radiant Midnight HERE

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