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Discussing Faith, Depression, and Joy...

I met my friend Barb Roose a few years ago when she was heading up an AMAZING women's event called "Fabulous" at CedarCreek church in Perrysberg, Ohio. She was a ball of energy, incredibly organized, and a great communicator (and her taste in shoes? Unsurpassed!) I loved her right away. Barb is the author of "Enough Already: Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty", and through her blog, podcast, and speaking, she covers a gamut of topics women care about.

Recently, Barb and I sat down for her podcast "Better Together with Barb Roose" and we

talked about all kinds of things; God, faith, and of course...dandelions! But the main topic of conversation was depression and the life-changing outlook we can have in the midst of this difficult struggle. Our conversation lasted so long, Barb made the podcast a 2-part series.

When Barb released the podcast, it quickly became Barb's most popular podcast to date. Clearly, it's a topic that strikes a nerve for a lot of women. I pray it will enlighten and encourage you. (If you are familiar with me and know a bit of my background, I recommend starting with PART TWO. You can always go back to PART ONE if you want more!) As always, may you feel the light of God's compassion even in the darkest of moments.

With joy, Melissa

Better Together with Barb Roose Podcast

God, Why am I Still Depressed? PART ONE

God, Why am I Still Depressed? PART TWO

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